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About Us

A little about us

THS Distribution has biomass solutions for a multitude of heating situations and offers the incomparable flavour experience of some of the finest pellet barbecues available on the Canadian market. Let us show you how efficient and enjoyable biomass can be!

With decades of experience in hydronic heating, THS Distribution not only supplies you with the materials necessary for your project, but also offers knowledgeable guidance for your project and a widespread network of professionals in the field.

The main office is located in Huntingdon, Quebec, but we cover a territory that stretches over the provinces of Québec and Ontario, and our network of professionals and resources covers an even larger territory.

Whether you are dreaming of the comfort of radiant heat for your home, examining alternatives to fossil fuels as a heat source, or simply looking for a grilling experience that is a cut above, THS Distribution is the place to turn.

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