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Products we distribute

RTBWood pellet boilers

The affordable and reliable RTB pellet boiler is a fully automated heating appliance that offers 87% efficiency and that can be fully monitored and adjusted from any computer or smartphone. (Québec and Ontario)
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Thermo 2000Hydronic products

Manufacturer of heating systems for domestic hot water and hydronic heating systems for over 35 years, Thermo 2000 is recognized as a leader in research of innovative solutions in residential, commercial and institutional applications. (Québec and Ontario)
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Green Mountain Grills Quebec

Green Mountain GrillsWood pellet grills

Green Mountain pellet grills feature push-button ignition, digital temperature readout and a thermal sensor to maintain desired temperature. They are also available with WiFi smart control. (Québec)
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Other products available

TacoHydronic systems and heating equipment

Taco Comfort Solutions engineers and manufactures high-efficiency indoor heating, cooling and air quality comfort systems. The company develops and manufactures products and systems for both residential and commercial applications. These include circulators/pumps, valves and controls, air-dirt separators, heat exchangers, buffer and expansion tanks, domestic hot water recirculation and accessory products, and sophisticated building management controls.

Rehau groupPex pipe and heating equipment

Rehau offers the latest in radiant heating and cooling technology as well as design expertise and support. Hydronic products from Rehau are considered absolute leaders in the industry.

Flexcon IndustriesExpansion tanks

Flexcon is of the leading manufacturers of pre-pressurized diaphragm water tanks in the world. They are the first company to offer a stainless steel water connection on a well tank, a union connection, the first flow thru tank for constant pressure systems, and the first diaphragm composite tank.

HBX control systems incHeating control systems

HBX Control System Inc. is a leader in HVAC, geothermal, snowmelt, boiler staging, solar and thermostat controls. HBX Control Systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada to accommodate a wide range of hydronic heating and cooling needs commonly found in today’s residential, commercial and industrial design applications.

AxiomWater purification and system feeders

Axiom’s specialty products for hydronic systems include system feeders, condensate neutralizers, H2O demineralizers, side stream filter demineralizers, sight flow indicators and chemical bypass feeders.

Sinus North AmericaHydronic heating manifolds

Sinus North America’s product range includes manifolds with an output of 70 kW up to manifolds with an output of 9,100 kW. SINUSVERTEILER has been the manufacturer of innovative products in domestic and industrial technology for more than 35 years..

Polar FurnaceHigh efficiency wood boilers

Polar’s G-Class furnaces make wood burning as clean, simple and easy as possible while eliminating your high heating bills. To accomplish this, the G-Class is packed with an impressive array of features, which together deliver unmatched product value. These products truly are in a class all their own in the outdoor furnace industry.

BenjaminWood fired hot water boilers

Benjamin Heating Products designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of residential and light commercial heating products. They match the latest technology using CNC machining and CAD/CAM design with old school durability and engineering.

MabreBiomass forced air heating

Mabre offers an alternative to fossil fuels heating systems. Their forced air systems are fully automatic and they completely replace systems powered by propane, natural gas or oil. Their products can be used for grain drying, commercial buildings, greenhouses and agricultural buildings.

HarmanWood pellet stoves

Harman Stoves is the leading manufacturer of premium wood and pellet stoves that are “built to a standard, not a price.” The perfect balance of easy maintenance, even heat, long burns and distinctive features place Harman wood pellet stoves in a league of their own.

NewmacWood boilers and furnaces

NewMac Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of wood, oil, gas and pellet add-on furnaces, boilers furnaces and wood burning stoves.

SmithsFan convector products

With a commitment to quiet comfort, performance and style, Smith’s Environmental Products has become the standard for quality fan convectors in both residential and commercial heating environments. Easily installed and flexible enough to be applied creatively, the company’s fan convectors have quickly established Smith’s Environmental Products as a market leader in both the USA and the UK.

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