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What we do


What we do

After amassing decades of experience with hydronic heat, we have branched out into the distribution of various biomass products, from boilers and pellet stoves to pellet barbecues.

With hydronic heating, we work with radiant floors installed within new floors or under existing floors, by means of plastic pipes that carry hot water whose heat is then dispersed through the floor. The water can be heated by a number of types of heat sources, for example pellet boilers, electric boilers, geothermal systems, natural gas or others – we will work with you to find the best source for your project.

An alternative to radiant floors is wall-mount radiators, which provide the same comfortable heat with a less invasive installation. If you should decide to heat your water with a wood pellet boiler, which is an up-and-coming method of heating that uses a renewable and affordable resource, we are the distributors for RTB pellet boilers in Quebec and Ontario. For those interested in biomass boilers, we are the distributors for LEI Products’ Bioburners. We also have close ties with some of the most established names in radiant heating, including Rehau, Taco and Hood Chemical.

We are also the distributor for Green Mountain Grills in Quebec. These pellet barbecues not only offer a flavour that is second-to-none, they can be operated from your smartphone or tablet, from your easy chair or from the office.

Whatever aspect of biomass interests you, we have a solution and the knowledge to apply it.

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